The group behind the push for a casino at Lake of the Ozarks says they’re prepared to place the issue on the ballot through an initiative petition if a current proposal in the legislature fails.

      NEWS-2-11-20 Hand 1 - 11th February 2020

That’s Tim Hand, the Director of Osage River Gaming. He spoke exclusively with KRMS News on “The Ozarks Today.” The current resolution in the legislature limits the potential location to the Osage River and does not add a license needed for the casino. Hand says if they go with a ballot initiative, it will go much further.

      NEWS-2-11-20 Hand 2 - 11th February 2020

Hand says they already have at least seven possible locations on Lake of the Ozarks and two more below the dam on the Osage River.

What you need to know about the proposals:

  • The House Joint Resolution sponsored by Rocky Miller does NOT create a license which would be needed to operate a casino.  It also restricts the potential location to the Osage River
  • If the joint resolution is approved by the legislature and voters, there would still need to be an additional initiative passed in order to create new licenses, or the development would have to wait for a license to be vacated, at which time the developers would have to bid for it
  • The possible ballot initiative drafted by Osage River Gaming would create additional licenses for gaming facilities and would include language authorizing additional locations.  It would allow for the casino to be located on the Lake of the Ozarks and even on land in addition to the water.
  • Hand says if it’s on the river, the most obvious location is just below the dam.
  • Osage River Gaming consists of Tim Hand and four partners that he would not identify at this time, other than to say they are three prominent area businessmen and an attorney.

Listen to the entire interview from “The Ozarks Today” here:

      2-10-20 Tim Hand Osage River Gaming - 11th February 2020