Guess And Company To Move Corporate Headquarters From Miami, FL to Osage Beach

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Another major company is making the move to Lake of the Ozarks.

Officials say that Guess and Company will be relocating their headquarters from Miami Florida to Osage Beach.

The company specializes in energy, health care, technology and real estate.

Officials say the business first opened in North Carolina and their main goal is the “revitalization of Rural America.”

Guess and Company plans to re-align the core states they service to include Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and North Carolina.


Guess & Co. Corporation – New Principal Office in Osage Beach, MO

Osage Beach, MO – The City of Osage Beach is excited to share the announcement made on December 17, 2020, that Guess & Co. Corporation, a privately-held corporation delivering product and services in energy, health care, technology, and real estate, has moved its principal office to Osage Beach, Missouri. On Dec. 18, 2020

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Guess & Co. Corporation announced “that it has moved its principal office from Miami, Florida to Osage Beach, Missouri as of December 14, 2020. Guess & Co. Corporation was incorporated in North Carolina in 2015 and began operations in August of 2017. In 2018, the company chose to be based in Miami, Florida. In conjunction with the company’s commitment to revitalizing Rural America, the company chose to move its headquarters to the Midwestern United States.

The company secured office space in Osage Beach, Missouri and plans to begin hiring in the first quarter of 2021. “We are bullish on Rural America and while we will provide solutions throughout the nation, our focus is on revitalizing rural communities,” stated Jerry D. Guess, chairman and CEO.” “As part of the move, Guess & Co. Corporation also re-aligned the core states of operation.

The company is now operating in only four (4) states: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina. The company has dedicated 60% of its business and plans to revitalize communities throughout Rural America. The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred interest in rural areas as many families move away from cities.

Guess & Co. Corporation began exploring rural revitalization in 2018 and accelerated those plans amid the pandemic and is taking steps to implement its strategies in a prompt manner.”

“About Guess & Co. Corporation – Guess & Co. Corporation is an emerging stewardship solutions company with energy, health care, technology, and real estate units committed to revitalizing Rural America and select urban areas. We partner with communities, companies and governments to improve the welfare of people. Guess & Co. Corporation is a registered contractor with the U.S. Government to provide solutions to federal government agencies and members of our company have active top-secret/SCI clearances.

We are based in Osage Beach, Missouri. Our company operates in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and North Carolina. Guess & Co. Corporation was founded in August of 2017. The management team of Guess & Co. Corporation has over 50 years of combined experience.”

Business Local News State News Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

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