Missouri U-S Representative Vicky Hartzler’s released the third of four videos covering Chinese threats to the United States.

The newest video focuses on how China is infiltrating U-S education.

“China has position education centers all across America. What are they called? Confucius institutes. Since 2004, the Chinese Government has sponsored Confucius Institutes on college and university campuses across the world.”

Congresswoman Hartzler, who’s district represents the Lake of the Ozarks, says China is also stealing U-S intellectual property and spying on U-S interests.

You can see the video at Vicky Hartzler’s at her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0uNpz4rNmV52Kzi-afJQ4g

The first two videos highlight China’s military and economic threats to the United States.