Reaction continues following the introduction, earlier this week, of legislation to ban the sales or transfers of handguns in Canada.

Putting her two-cents in on the matter is Missouri and Lake Area Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler.

Hartzler says the effort is nothing more than egregious overreach…“To freeze handgun sales, to have no more handguns and perhaps do away with assault rifles…that is the wrong way to go. The fact is you take away guns…you’re just taking away from law abiding citizens. The criminals are always going to have them, and you’ll end up turning law abiding citizens into something we call “victims.””

Hartzler also says the more sensible approach to the problem of violence with guns, especially when it comes to school shootings, is to focus on measures to protect buildings and classrooms.

Those measure would include, among others, the arming of staff members and certain others who would be allowed to carry on a school campus.