Health Officials Say “Don’t Forget About the Flu” When Taking Health Precautions

Local News Thursday, March 12th, 2020

While most of the headlines, understandably, are showing concern over the global spread of the relatively new Covid-19, health officials in the lake area are reminding you that there is still another major concern to worry about. Camden County Health Department Administrator Bee Dampier says we are only a little over halfway done with the flu season.

      NEWS-3-12-20 Flu Season

The state health department says, as of the beginning of March, there were 83,505 lab-confirmed cases of influenza in Missouri…45-percent influenza-A, 54-percent influenza-B and one-percent un-typed. As a result, 51 influenza-related deaths have been reported with that number jumping to over one-thousand for those who also developed pneumonia. There could, however, be some good news for the current flu season which comes to an end in a couple months…the CDC says reports of influenza, nationwide, are slowing down.


Local News Thursday, March 12th, 2020

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