Heat Advisory In Effect Across The Lake Area – Heat Index Could Be Over 110

All News State News Wednesday, July 28th, 2021


It doesn’t look like the Lake Area’s in line for record-breaking heat, but it will be hot enough to be dangerous through Thursday in Lake of the Ozarks.

The air temperature will get close to 100 degrees, but it’ll feel even hotter outside “That’s going to be a lot of humidity, so we’ll see that head index really climbing to at least 109 and we could even see it getting to 110 or 110 on Thursday” says Weatherology meteorologist Ray Miller.

He tells KRMS News you’ll need to stay hydrated if you have to be outside “when we start getting into the dangerous heat territory, even healthy individuals…being outside for prolonged lengths of time, specifically if you’re exerting yourself, that can put you in danger and at risk for heat related illnesses. Drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks in the shade, and get indoors when you are able.”

And Miller also talks about how hot your car could get when parked outside “it is EXTREMELY dangerous inside a car. You can see temperatures warming up well into the triple digits! 140 to 150 degrees….within minutes…if you’re parked in direct sunlight.”

A Heat Advisory is in effect for Lake of the Ozarks and much of Missouri through 9 o’clock Thursday night.


All News State News Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

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