The prime suspect in the murder of Diana Lukosius is now under arrest in Louisiana.

78-year-old Larry Hicks is expected back in Camden County to stand trial.

“He was arrested by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s office. He was taken into custody and was able to post a $100,000 bond and was then released on that bond” says  Camden County Prosecutor Caleb Cunningham.

He tells KRMS News Hicks will face a charge of second-degree murder “he’s facing one charge of murder in the second degree, and of course…one of the main issues we rain into is we have to use the charge codes as it existed in 1984. So obviously our modern crimes don’t apply to what he did back then.”

Cunningham also says Hicks has an extradition hearing set for July in Camden County “if he waives extradition, he will have to get himself up here for his arraignment or he will have to hire an attorney to try and waive that arraignment, if the court will allow him to do that….without being here in person.”

Lukosius was found beaten severely near her car off Highway 5 in Camdenton. She died a few days later and Hicks was identified as the prime suspect in her death during a press conference Friday.