Heading into the Sunday afternoon, the highway patrol was reporting 156 arrests, so far statewide for the holiday weekend…more than half involving alcohol…77 for DWI and another five for BWI.

The highway patrol, at the same time, also reporting, at least, 37 traffic accidents statewide resulting in five fatalities…46 others have also been injured including 11 seriously.

The patrol was reporting 20 arrests across Camden, Miller and Morgan counties…four people for drunk driving, another four for drunken
boating, nine on drug-related offenses and three others on outstanding warrants.

On the roadways, just one wreck was being reported…in it, two people suffered serious injuries while another person suffered minor injuries.

And on the water, as we got into the afternoon hours on Sunday there were no incidents being reported.

The official counting period for the holiday come to an end at 11:59 Monday night.