Highway Patrol Stresses Importance Of Safety During Memorial Day Holiday

Local News State News Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

Memorial Day weekend is a few days away, but the Missouri State highway Patrol is getting ready now.

Thousands of people will be driving to the lake this weekend …

“It all comes back down to safety, that’s our number 1 priority. When everybody is heading out…there’s going to be a lot of traffic out…so throughout the week, we just want everyone to remember the basics” says Corporal Kyle Green.

He tells KRMS News those basics include making sure all passengers are wearing seatbelts, no drinking and driving and making sure your cell phone is charged “just slow down, make sure everyone has their seatbelt on, charge your phone….drinking and driving is still an issue as well so if you plant to drink, just make sure you have a ride or someone who can come pick you up.”

The ‘Patrol says safety on the lake begins with making sure life jackets are accessible for everyone on board.

“Things happen very fast…no one ever expects to be in an accident. So when it does happen and someone ends up in the water, there’s a lot going on” says Trooper Brian Geier with the Water Division.

He also stresses the importance of having a sober captain at all times on the lake “in general we see a lot of drinking on the water. I see higher BAC’s on the water, versus when I work the roads. So it’s definitely an issue.”

Corporal Green and Trooper Geier were interviewed by Christian Blood on the KRMS morning Magazine.

Local News State News Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

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