Highway Patrol Urges Drivers To Be Cautious On Frozen Roads – Plan Ahead Before Leaving

Local News Thursday, February 11th, 2021

snowy road during daytime
Photo by João Pedro Freitas on Unsplash

There is no sign of a warm-up in Lake of the Ozarks in the coming days, so driving conditions will remain treacherous in some areas.

With temperatures sometimes in the single digits, one local law enforcement official says you should be prepared.

“We encourage anyone who’s going to be out with temperatures that low, to bring a blanket, some bottles of water in your vehicle. Hopefully nothing happens, but just in case it does…you’re prepared” says Corporal Kyle Green with the Missouri State highway Patrol.

“If it’s a snow or ice situation, and you end up sliding off the roadway into a ditch, maybe people won’t see you down there.”

Green says it’s best to just slow down when you’re behind the wheel.

“One of the main reasons we have the crashes out there in bad weather is really speed. People are just going too fast, they’re either overconfident in their driving abilities or in their vehicle. Whether it’s four-wheel drive or all-wheel driving, that has nothing to do with your ability to stop.”

He’s recommending you make sure your gas tank is full and your cell phone is charged before driving, and to let others know your planned route and when you decide to leave, just in case something happens.

Local News Thursday, February 11th, 2021

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