Horse Rescued From Frozen Pond Near Richland

Local News Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Firefighters have rescued a horse stuck in a frozen pond in the Lake Area.

In a post to Facebook, the Tri-County Fire Protection District indicated they were called out to help the Hazelgreen district with a horse who had fallen into an icy pond near Richland.

The horse named Molly, was pulled out using a large strap and the winch from the fire truck that arrived on the scene.

Once on land, a tarp and heater were applied to help her unfreeze so she could get into a horse trailer to be taken to get medical assistance.


****From Facebook:

Dispatched at 11:02 mutual aid to Hazelgreen Fire Protection District for a horse that had fallen through the ice of a pond. Squad 1371 and Command 1392 responded. Hazelgreen units arrived on scene and requested Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District to assist.

Heavy Rescue 1981 and Battalion Chief 1992 responded. Crews entered the water in ice suits and wrapped the horse, Molly, with a large strap and used a winch from 1371 to pull her from the icy water. Once on the pond bank Molly attempted to stand but her rear legs would not allow her to. Crews used a tarp to cover Molly and a heater to warm her.
Molly was slid onto a Sked and then moved into a horse trailer for transport. Prior to clearing the scene Molly was standing on her own and is expected to make a full recovery. Mercy Ambulance was staged on scene for the safety of responders.

Local News Thursday, February 11th, 2021

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