The Horseshoe Bend Special Road District fires the next shot in response to, what it calls, inconsistent tax allocations and reporting from the Camden County Collector’s Office.

In a release issued on Tuesday, the special road district announced its support after the county commission last week decided to pursue a forensic audit of the collector’s records to look into the possible discrepancies.

The road district says a recent Sunshine Law request of records from the collector’s records has gone unanswered to this point.

The Osage Beach Road District is also identified by the county commission as having some concerns over the amount of tax receipts and TIF disbursements turned over by the collector’s office.

The goal of the full forensic audit to be conducted by a private firm is to assess all internal controls and disbursements by the collector’s office with, apparent, particular interest when it comes to the 2019-2021 tax years.