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The issue of human trafficking hits close to home here in the lake area all this week…

“We see it both with our law enforcement agencies and with our hospital, we’re seeing victims and treating victims on a regular basis” says Stephanie Dominique, president of the Lake of the Ozarks Stop Human Trafficking Coalition.

She goes on to tell KRMS News that, all too often, victims of human trafficking don’t get the help they need because they tend to fall through the cracks…“They’re hard to pick out of a crowd, sometimes they look just like you and I. It’s difficult without having training, and background, and being very aware of your surroundings…to pick out these victims and help them break that cycle.”

In 2020 alone, statewide, there were 750 calls reporting human trafficking to the national hotline which was more than double the previous two years.

Just this week, the state highway patrol’s commercial vehicle enforcement division joined in a three-day initiative designed to educate law enforcement and the general public about the signs and what can be done to fight the issue of human trafficking.