A 28-year-old from Iberia faces, at least, ten felony charges in connection to several incidents in the lake area over the past month. A probable cause statement filed in the Miller County Courthouse indicates that Cody Dale Umfleet was taken into custody early Saturday afternoon after a report of shoplifting in progress at Menards in Lake Ozark. While at the scene, a search of the vehicle Umfleet was in, allegedly, uncovered several stolen keys from at least two car dealers in the lake area, a large quantity of cigarettes, license and dealer plates, a plastic bag which contained suspected methamphetamine and a nine-millimeter handgun. A VIN check also revealed that the car Umfleet was in had been reported stolen out of Iberia. Umfleet was taken into custody and is formally charged in Miller County with felony possession of a controlled substance, tampering with a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property and unlawful possession of a firearm. Umfleet is also charged in Camden County with three felony counts each of burglary and stealing, and one misdemeanor count of property damage. A second unidentified person was was also taken into custody and transported to the Miller County Jail. Umfleet is currently being held in the Camden County Jail.