Inspection Of Camden Jail & Sheriffs Office Shows No Asbestos – Installing Of New Polycom System A Go

Business Local News Thursday, March 11th, 2021

No Asbestos.

That’s the findings of a recent inspection conducted by the Department of Natural Resources at the Camden County Justice Building and the Sherriff’s offices.

According to the report, this inspection report will allow them to move forward with the installation of the Polycom video system that was purchased through the CARES Act funding.

“1.6 Million for the County Law Enforcement and Courts…That’s where $751 of that was the Polycom Court Audio system and $853 was the Sheriff’s radio system” says Camden County Auditor Jimmy Laughlin.

He tells KRMS News the video system gives the Jail the ability to communicate with the Justice center and the Missouri Department of Corrections instantly, including prisoner video conferencing for court appearances…rather than having the inmate taken from the jail into the actual courtroom.

An inspection of the remaining Camden County buildings by the DNR is planned, however no dates on those inspections have been set as of yet.

Business Local News Thursday, March 11th, 2021

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