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Getting reliable and high speed internet access remains a challenge across much of rural Missouri and that includes in The Lake Area, but the state’s Department of Economic Development says things will get better.

The Department’s Office of Broadband Development says over the next few years the state will make what it calls “historic investments” in that area, and the process will begin with a series of “public listening sessions” that will start next month.

Camden County Commissioner Don William’s says there’s a great need for connectivity…“More than 60% of our county doesn’t have access to high speed internet….and that really hurts a lot of our businesses. It makes it tough for lakeside marina’s and bars to run their businesses and it makes it really difficult for our residents to run businesses in their own homes.”

The D.E.D. schedule shows a tentative listening session in Camdenton on Thursday November 17th to be hosted by the Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments.