It’s Back To School For Part Of The Lake Area Monday

Local News Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Back to School chalk
Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

It’s back to school for most Lake Area school districts this Monday, and that means you may come across children walking or riding their bikes to class.

One local police chief recommends dressing them up as brightly as possible.

“You see MODOT workers, our city workers…they’re all wearing high visibility clothing when we are out…so if they’re going to be out walking or riding, it’s good to have them dressed in that” says Todd Davis, Chief of Police in Osage Beach,“and if they’re super young kids, don’t them walk by themselves. Walk them to school. Those of us who are in cars, look out of the little guys and gals.”

Davis tells KRMS News this is often the busiest time on the road for the community “Be patient, as the first week of school is usually a little chaotic. Traffic is going to be a lot heavier around the school areas and if you’re going down the road and you see a school bus, with the flashing yellow lights are on or the STOP sign is coming out….stop. Don’t try to hurry up go around them, kids will be loading and unloading from those buses.”

Kids head back to school this morning in Camdenton R-3, Mack’s Creek R-5, Lebanon R-3 and Eldon.

Tuesday will be the first day of school for School of the Osage and Climax Springs R-4.

Local News Monday, August 23rd, 2021

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