Kansas Man Accused Of Sex Crimes Arrested In Camden County

Crime Local News Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

A man accused of sex crimes in Kansas is under arrest in Camden County.

The Sheriff’s Office says deputies went to a location in Camdenton because they thought a wanted man was there.

Deputies say after finding the man they were looking for, he grabbed a gun and threatened to hurt himself.

After trying to calm the man down, deputies say they jumped the man and took the gun.

One deputy was hurt, but not seriously.




On 08/11/2020, deputies responded to a residence in Camdenton reference a wanted subject out of State of Kansas. The warrants were for sexual offenses. Upon arrival, deputies located the wanted subject. When contacted, the subject grabbed a handgun and threatened harm to himself. Deputies quickly started talks to de-escalate the situation using crisis intervention training. Deputies saw an opportunity and was able to wrestle the gun from the subject. The subject was taken into custody without further incident. A deputy received minor injuries because of the altercation. Charges are pending.

Crime Local News Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

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