How far will it advance in this year’s General Assembly nobody knows…we’re referring to House Judiciary Rule-87 introduced by Lake Area Representative Rocky Miller. The proposed Constitutional Amendment would, if ultimately approved, expand the possibility of a gambling boat or floating facility to be located along the “navigable portion” of the Osage River as recognized by the U.S Coast Guard. The possibility of a gambling boat coming to Lake of the Ozarks brought reaction for, and against, from KRMS listeners…


      NEWS-1-8-20 Gambling Reax-1 - 8th January 2020


      NEWS-1-8-20 Gambling Reax-2 - 8th January 2020

A copy of the proposed amendment, as introduced by Miller, is now available on the Missouri House of Representatives website. Adoption of the House Judiciary Rule would send the issue to the ballot boxes to be decided during the 2020 general election or in a special election if called for by the governor.

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