Laclede Electric COOP Looks At Taking Over Lebanon Electric Services

Business Local News Monday, May 10th, 2021

Laclede Electric could soon be running electric service in the City of Lebanon.

Mayor Jared Carr says the talks are about figuring out whether or not customers would benefit from their electric service being managed by Laclede Electric Cooperative, as opposed to the City.

Lebanon and Laclede Electric say there will be transparent studies that’ll assess the pros and cons of the possible switch.

Carr says in a release all current city employees working in the city’s electric department would be retained even if the change does happen .

This is a developing story and we’ll keep you caught up with the latest here on KRMS.


***Press Release***

The City of Lebanon and Laclede Electric Cooperative to discuss the City’s Electric System

 The City of Lebanon and Laclede Electric Cooperative announced they have entered into discussions about the possible purchase or management of the City of Lebanon’s electric system by the Cooperative. The talks come as both organizations assess the uncertainty of increased electric distribution costs and labor, as well as forecasted increases in wholesale power supply costs.

According to Mayor Jarred Carr, the goal of the conversation is to determine if the City of Lebanon electric customers could benefit from increased efficiencies from the increased economy of scale.

Both parties will perform extensive and transparent studies to assess the potential benefits to the electric consumers of both the City and Laclede Electric. These studies will include long-range financial performance, rate stability, reliability, and operations.

City of Lebanon Mayor Jared Carr and Laclede Electric Cooperative CEO Marc Roecker commit that all existing employees, including the City’s electric department employees, will be retained if Laclede Electric Cooperative would purchase the City’s Electric System.

Officials expect these discussions will take several months before any recommendation can be made to either board.


Business Local News Monday, May 10th, 2021

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