Business owners across the Lake Area are working with local law enforcement to determine if there’s a connection between window damage at their stores.
One such owner took to the Lake Area Happenings Facebook Page, showing what looks like a bullet hole that cracked the glass of their store.
Other owners who’ve commented on the thread say they’ve seen or heard of more several of these incidents since the weekend, some in the City of Camdenton and in Osage Beach, including Casey’s General Store and Pappo’s Pizza.
A similar situation happened last week at the G2M Supermarket in Laurie.
The majority of the reports show that these business owners have all found a ball bearing inside their store, where the glass was damaged.
Many of these businesses report they do have camera systems installed and they’re reviewing their video footage.
It’s been suggested that it was damaged caused by MODOT plows, however MODOT has confirmed that is not the case.


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