A guilty plea in Miller County will send a Lake Area man to prison for 17 years.

The County Prosecutor’s Office says Luke Lessmeier made admissions in court to having had deviate sex with a girl under 12.

“It ups the ante when a defendant is charged with that type of crime under the statutes. It increases the minimum from 5 years to 10 years, and it also increases the amount of time that a defendant will have to spend in prison to 85% of whatever sentence he is given” says Prosecutor Benjamin Winfrey in Miller County.

He tells KRMS News what led to the investigation “it made a big difference that we had a young child who had the courage to come forward to her own teacher and voice what was occurring to her.”

Winfrey says Lessmeier will be under lifetime supervision as a sex-offender after he’s released.

He also credits several areas for helping with the investigation, including Kids Harbor “to get a plea on Wednesday, was the culmination of a lot of hard work between teachers, TFS workers, Kids Harbor, Child Advocacy center, The Miller County Sheriff’s office and of course my office, in bringing this defendant before a judge and finally receiving a 17-year sentence on one county of statutory sodomy.”

Additional info:

Lessmeier Press Release
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