Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group Sees Uptick In Drug Use

Crime Local News Monday, April 19th, 2021

The summer season is quickly coming for the Lake Area, and one local law enforcement official is concerned about more than methamphetamine as of late.

“We had fentanyl deaths in Miller, Morgan, Pettis….pretty much in all of our counties, with overdoses almost daily it seems like. Fentanyl has really taken hold and it’s really causing all kinds of problems” says Captain Kip Bartlett with the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force.

He tells KRMS News says a new challenge is a recent trend of methamphetamine mixed with heroine “to me it’s like, it don’t make sense. I mean you have an upper and a downer, and it’s like…why would you combine those things? But they’re doing it.”

Captain Bartlett says meth volume has increased in the Lake Area along with the crisis at the border of the U-S and Mexico “once they opened the borders up after the new Administration came in, I’m not sure what happened there but we were just getting Meth like crazy.”

Captain Bartlett says other concerns are some people reacting to CBD products that are now becoming more common in the Lake Area

Crime Local News Monday, April 19th, 2021

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