A well-known Lake Area auctioneer is chosen from a national association to be a part of this week’s Honor Flight auction is St. Louis.

Rick Bryant and his crew will take their normal night off, on Thursday, from making money themselves to be a part of the auction which, according to Bryant, was really a no-brainer “They called and they said “We’d like to talk to you about helping out” and of course, the typical question…how much do you charge? I said “Iced tea” and she said “Well, we’ll put you up!”.”

One of the items Bryant and crew will end up selling is the featured “honor flight” which will have, at least, four veterans aboard including two of them hailing from the WW-2 time period…and one of them at least 100-years-old.

As for business back home here in the Lake Area…it will continue next week.