It’ll be a weekend of anime, heroes and villains with a touch of Marvel and DC coming up later this year.

The second annual “Lake Con” event, here in the lake area, is set for the weekend of June 10th through the 12th.

Speaking on KRMS Radio, organizer Heather Conner says she expects the event to be even more successful than last year…“We were just anticipating 100, but it turned out really good and all of our vendors had a great success. We had David Roman come down, from Rick and Morty, and be our star guest. And it was a huge turnout.”

Conner also says an event such as Lake Con has been a longtime coming and is a pretty good in the lake area…“We have enough people in the area with the interest, we just never had anyone that pushed to do it…prior or our event last year.”

The Lake Con weekend is set to take place at the Encore in Lake Ozark.

More details along with future announcements as the event draws closer can be found on Lake Con’s social media page.