Participants in the just ended Lake of the Ozarks BikeFest are savoring the memories of a safe event that enjoyed perfect weather.

The event drawing the predicted 120-thousand if not more folks from all over the country and many businesses are savoring the money the event brought into their coffers, while law enforcement is reporting no major problems or incidents during the 5 day period.

Sgt. Scott Hines of the Camden County Sheriff’s Department  says there were several one-vehicle mishaps involving motorcycles failing to negotiate curves because of their speed, but there were no serious injuries.

And as for those who were not directly involved in the BikeFest events…“You know there was some talk about folks that were a little upset about the amount of motorcycle traffic in the area….I just want to remind folks that anytime we have a “chance” to bring folks into our area, that are going to bring in revenue for our business owners….we’re happy to have that.”

He says there were several speed-related one-vehicle accidents, many involving motorcycles, but a stepped up police presence for the event likely prevented more from occurring…“That’s why we put those extra deputies out…that’s why we coordinate with the highway patrol, the Miller County Sheriff’s office, the  Osage Beach and Lake Ozark PD’s…to make sure that we have enough folks in the area to help keep the pace down. The accidents that do happen….almost always involve excessive speed, so if we can get our folks out there and have that visible presence that helps slow people down….that to is a great thing that we can get done.”

The annual BikeFest Passport Run winner of a new Harley Davidson was Carl Shrimp of Jefferson City.