The Lake area is making national news again.

Entertainment News Group TMZ shows a video of numerous patrons at Lazy Gators next to Shady Gators, packed tightly together during an EDM concert hosted by DJ Borgeous.

Video footage shows one was wearing masks and no social distancing, but the restaurant says the video does NOT show the truth.

They say there were people checking tempatures at the door and masks were encouraged, as the county has no law enforcing them on the books.

“Despite there being no capacity restrictions, we are still only operating at 50% capacity for this event to allow for social distancing. This is an entirely outdoor venue.

We have an entire paramedic team we hire that conducts non-contact thermal checks of every person including staff. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will be denied entry

Every person attending receives a free personal bottle of hand sanitizer at the entrance and is encouraged to use.

A “Clean Team” of 3 individuals are constantly cleaning high traffic areas and restrooms throughout the entire duration of the event.

Masks are encouraged but not required as there is no state mandate requiring such.”

In the TMZ report, they claim Missourians at the party “know what they’re doing exposes them to the virus” and they say “For whatever reason, they clearly just don’t care.”

You can see the video below: