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Lake Of The Ozarks Idiots Club Springs Into Action For Eldon Students

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The Lake of the Ozarks Idiots Club springs into action recently coming to the aid of at least 45 students in need in the Eldon School District.

The filled requests ranged from something as simple as an alarm clock so one student could wake up for school on time, to paying for different types of shoes, repairs to some musical instruments and even a prom dress for one of the students. Among other needs that were fulfilled included temporary medication assistance and dental care.

The Lake of the Ozarks Idiots Club is a 501-C-3 all-volunteer group that serve as the Jesters of Goodwill when it comes to lake area youth in need.


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Meghan Opie, the Idiots Club liaison in the Eldon District, emailed this reports of the assistance provided through Idiots Club funds to at least 45 students in-need:
A student at the middle school needed shoes. Shoes were purchased from our wonderful partners at shoe carnival.
The nurse out south school needed boys’ underwear for her closet. Multiple pairs were purchased for students needing them.
Six students on the track team needed help getting track shoes. Head coach Ben Copper reached out asking if we could help these students get the proper footwear. The shoes were ordered from amazon. We love when our students are part of a team!
Three students had broken band instruments. These students’ parents were unable to pay the repair fees and students were missing out on band activities. We were able to get the instruments repaired and get them playing again. All three students said a big thank you!
A middle school student was having trouble getting on the bus in the morning. She told us that her parents were not waking her up. We brainstormed ways to make sure she was up on time. She felt like her own alarm clock would be beneficial. We purchased an alarm clock and she took matters into her own hands. We are super proud of this student.
A prom dress for a princess! One of our juniors was in need of a prom dress. She was able to go to 2nd Closet and pick out the dress of her dreams. She was so proud of her dress!
A student and their family at our South School were really struggling with roaches and bed bugs. Mid Missouri Pest Control was able to treat the house. We were able to provide the family with education on how to keep the bugs out of the home.
An Upper Elementary student who currently resides with her grandma really wanted the opportunity to attend Camp Wonderland. The cost was more than the family could afford. We were able to pay for camp for this student. She is so excited and counting down the days.
Tennis shoes for a middle school student were purchased from Shoe Carnival. This student has wide feet and needed shoes without laces. We were able to purchase shoes for this student.
A high school student with a new medical diagnosis needed medication assistance until they were able to get Medicaid approved.
A student at the middle school needed bedding for a bed that was given to him. We purchased bedding for the student.
A student at South School had to have extensive dental work. She had numerous teeth pulled. This student was unable to eat very many solid foods. The family was in need of a supplemental meal replacement shake so that she was getting the proper nutrients. We purchased some pedia sure shakes for her to drink while healing.
Track Meets! Several track students were not able to purchase food at concession stands during the meets. We wanted to ensure these students had food to eat during the meets. We provided these students with food items to eat while at track meets.
Clothing and shoes were purchased for three Middle School students for 8th grade promotion, this is a chance for students to look their best and celebrate the ending of middle school.
A high school student needed assistance purchasing their cap and gown for graduation. We purchases to the items through Jostens. We are so proud of this student!
A barrier for some of our students is having the documentation needed to seek employment or a driver’s license. This student needed her birth certificate to start working, Miller County Health is a great partner and helped us get the proper documents.
Two students whose family was going through some hard times, needed clothing. The girls hit a growth spurt and with the seasons changing they needed some clothing. The girls wear the same size. We purchased 5 outfits for each student.
A prom dress for one of our awesome seniors was purchased from 2nd Closet. She looked stunning and reported she had a great time at prom.
Danielle Russell, one of our therapists, requested a hoodie for one of her students. This student has been working really hard.
A high school track student was having some issues with her feet. She needed some special inserts and running shoes. These were purchased from Dicks.
A high school student who plays basketball needed some assistance paying for summer activities and camp. Those funds were provided for the student so she could participate.
A middle school student who is playing baseball was in need of some baseball cleats. These were purchased for the student from Dicks Sporting Goods.
Two students were assisted with dual credit courses. Six credit hours and a course fee (2 classes) were paid for through State Fair Community College.

All News RSS Feed Community Events - News Thursday, May 11th, 2023

Reporter John Rogger