Lake Of The Ozarks Sees Over 10,000 Positive COVID Cases – Active Cases Drop Below 20

COVID 19 Local News Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

The Lake of the Ozarks has officially broken the COVID 19 10,000 case threshold.

The latest data from the combined 4 counties that makes up the Lake Area, shows a total of 10,024 positive cases since March 2020, when testing first started.

Despite that number, the progress towards slowing the spread has been rapidly expanding, with just 19 active cases remaining at this time.

In total, 9,778 people have recovered from the virus, while 227 people died as a result of its effects.

Overall, the Lake area has so far administered over 47,000 COVID 19 vaccines in the 4-county region.

See the full numbers below:


Current Active Cases: 19

Total Recovered Cases: 9,778

Overall Totals in the Lake Area: 10,024

Overall Deaths In The Lake Area: 227

Number of residents now vaccinated: 47,829



Totals by County:


Camden County:

Total Active Cases: 10

Total Recovered: 3,901

Total Cases: 3,992

Deaths: 81

Residents Now Vaccinated: 23,192



Miller County:

Total Active Cases: 2

Total Recovered: 2,427

Total Cases: 2,485

Deaths: 56

Residents Now Vaccinated: 8,796

*UPDATED 05/04


Morgan County:

Total Active Cases: 4

Total Recovered: 1,688

Total Cases: 1,735

Deaths: 43

Residents Now Vaccinated: 9,481

*UPDATED 05/04


Benton County:

Total Active Cases: 3

Total recovered: 1,762

Total Cases: 1,812

Deaths: 47

Residents Now Vaccinated: 6,360

*UPDATED 05/04


For state data: The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ ongoing data on COVID 19 cases can be found here.

COVID 19 Local News Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

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