Lake Of The Ozarks Water Levels Fall Again Ahead Of Boating Season

Local News Saturday, April 17th, 2021

The draw-down of Lake of the Ozarks continues.

“We had a large rain event a few weeks ago. Had a lot of water put into the Osage Basin, Truman absorbed most of that and now we’re evacuating that water from Truman Lake” says Shoreline Management Supervisor Bryan Vance with Ameren Missouri, “so we’re a few feet lower than what we will be when the summer boating season rolls around.”

He tells KRMS News the lake level right now is around 655 feet, but by the time Memorial Day rolls around it’ll be filled back up to around 659 feet.

Vance also says boaters who usually hit the lake during the summer months should be aware of water that’s more shallow right now “if you’re out boating during the draw down time, or in the Spring or Fall when the Lake is lower….a place you may have passed with enough depth for your watercraft during the Summer, may not have that depth at the draw down level.”

Local News Saturday, April 17th, 2021

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