Some problems with the water distribution system in the City of Lake Ozark have been addressed and the assistant city administrator says a longer term fix is on the way.

Harrison Frye gave an update to KRMS….“We have had some issues through the last year, got really bad in the last month, where the controls kept failing. So we were not being notified we had low volume in the tower, businesses where without water…homes were without water…without notice. As soon as we can get a guy out there to repair it, it’s about a half-hour fix for him. You’ll get service back in…but we don’t get notified until the point where it’s too low, people are out. In a perfect world, you’re notified when it is going to start moving in that direction. So, the board approved for us to move forward with an updated monitoring system for each of those systems…which will also help us do more accurate digital reading of our water meters…through the next few years as we implement that program. And we were also able to get some cooperation with Ameren, which is greatly appreciated, they worked on some issues on the power supply to that tower.”

Frye says it’s hoped the monitoring system will be fully fixed by the end of the year.