Lake Ozark now has a full Board of Aldermen after some departures since the April elections in the Lake Area.

“A few weeks after the election we had one alderman that had a change in his position due to a person situation that made him no longer a resident of the city, so he was able to resign and the board was able to appoint Bert Westbrook to his position” says Assistant City Administrator Harrison Fry.

He tells KRMS News Westbrook replaces Dale Hicks.

Vernon Jaycox was voted out of the board, but he’s now back to replace Mark Maples, who also moved after having been voted into office in 2020.

The remaining members of the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen are Matt Wright, Judy Neels, Pat Thompson and Dennis Klautzer.

Mayor Dennis Newberry was elected as Mayor in April.

In other news for the city, only one focus session remains on the Comprehensive Plan.

The second of three sessions was held Wednesday night at Willmore Lodge.

“A lot of folks were interested in learning more about the way we maintain our current infrastructure…we’re hoping to have follow up conversations with those folks about that, as they make themselves available” Says Fry.

The Comprehensive Plan for the city has remained unchanged since 2006.


**Additional info:

The City of Lake Ozark now has a full board of aldermen.

The city lost two aldermen after they relocated out of the community in the last two months, so their positions had to be filled by appointment until the end of their terms. Those resignations left the board with only four aldermen.

Bert Westbrook was sworn into office at the June 8 regular meeting to fill the Ward 2 vacancy created when Dale Hicks resigned. Hicks defeated incumbent Larry Giampa April 6. This term expires April 2023.

Vernon Jaycox was sworn into office at the June 22 meeting to fill the Ward 3 vacancy left after Mark Maples resigned recently. Jaycox was the incumbent Ward 3 alderman until losing to Matt Wright April 6. This term expires April 2022.


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