The City of Lake Ozark will take advantage of a student program at Drury University to help them plan for their future. It will be a partnership with Drury’s Center for Community Studies Studio. Students in the program work with cities to plan aesthetically, socially, culturally, and economically. Mayor Gerry Murawski says they’ll get a fresh perspective from the students.

      NEWS-3-12-20 Murawski 1 - 12th March 2020

Essentially, they’ll help city leaders determine what they want the city to look like as far out as 25 years from now. City Administrator Dave Van Dee says it’s also a great chance to get more community members actively involved.

      NEWS-3-12-20 Van Dee 1 - 12th March 2020

The project is expected to be the first step in the process of updating the city’s long-term comprehensive plan.