A new 100-foot aerial ladder truck for the Lake Ozark Fire District is now officially in service.

A wash and dry ceremony on Sunday marked the start of the truck’s new life in Lake Ozark and Fire Chief Mark Amsinger says this truck will offer rescuers more options for the community “The height of some of the building we have in the district and also some of setbacks we have, which is how far some of the buildings are set off the roadway, this truck allows us to reach them better than before and civilians that are being rescued will no longer have to climb the latter to be rescued…now they can just climb into the bucket and be rescued.”

The ceremony included a wash and dry, with help from area residents and the Osage Beach Fire District, before the truck was ceremonially pushed into it’s bay and recognized by the department as officially in service.

The new aerial truck cost 1.3 million dollars.