The City of Lake Ozark is using Federal Funds to fix the city’s road systems.

Part of the American Rescue COVID – 19 relief plan, the city intends to use just over $368,000 towards making improvements on eight different roads within the city that have been identified by Public Works as needing repairs or overlays.

The first step for the city is to send out requests for proposals, before approving any final designs and projects.

Overlaying a roadway puts a seal on top of the surface, creating a layer of sand, liquid asphalt and cement that could last about 10 years.

City officials are also considering buying a paver that would allow them to handle small asphalt jobs, rather than contracting out for all projects.

The first ARPA payment of $180,000 was sent to the city on June 2021 and the second half will sent in May of this year.

The city is required to use the funds no later than December of 2024.