Lake Ozark To Amend Ordinance Banning Pedestrian Vehicles On Bagnell Dam BLVD Sidewalks

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The City of Lake Ozark has an ordinance in place right now that restricts the use of bicycles, skate boards and scooters on sidewalks on Bagnell Dam Boulevard.

But more pedestrian vehicles might soon be added to the list.

“We realized that a few different types of vehicles have emerged in the last few years that are not addressed in the original ordinance, such as Hoverboards and Segways, which are becoming more popular. So we just wanted to freshen up and modernize this existing ordinance” says Harrison Fry, the Community Development Director in Lake Ozark.

He tells KRMS News the expanded ordinance is there to keep people of all ages safe when lots of people are lining up on The Strip.

Residential streets are not included in the ordinance on pedestrian vehicles in the city.





The City of Lake Ozark has taken yet another step to help ensure the safety of visitors and residents along Bagnell Dam Blvd.

The board of aldermen approved first reading of an amended ordinance that prohibits the use of any motorized or non-motorized pedestrian vehicles in a commercially zoned district including, but not limited to, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, Segways and hoverboards. Second reading is expected at the next regular board meeting April 13.

The city installed hand sanitizing stations in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic was declared as another safety measure for residents and visitors.

The primary focus of the ordinance is The Strip, which has seen an increase in the use of the small, motorized pedestrian vehicles as the area becomes more and more popular. Residential streets are not included in the new restrictions.

“The Strip is a very busy place and we don’t allow skateboards currently,” City Administrator Dave Van Dee explained. “We were recently asked about hoverboards and we thought for safety reasons we needed to address the trend and expand our ordinance and include the other types of motorized vehicles.”

Police Chief Gary Launderville said he found that several cities have similar ordinances in place to help protect the safety of not only pedestrians but also riders. He noted that there have been incidences where one or more individuals have been seen riding hoverboards after dark, which poses additional safety issues.

Van Dee said signs will be erected to inform the public once the ordinance is approved next month. Signs are currently in place prohibiting skateboards.

The ordinance excludes medically prescribed motorized pedestrian devices needed for a person to navigate the streets.

Business Local News Politics Thursday, March 25th, 2021

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