The weather may not have been the most ideal but another Lake Area Pub Crawl is in the archives and, despite not being able to secure buses for this year, the turnout and overall event is being called another success.

“With the bus company not being able to come through was a bummer, but you know…when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade so…we worked really hard and still got the event put together and it was a great weekend” says Lake Area Chamber board member Luke Hagedorn.

He tells KRMS News bars and restaurants weren’t the only businesses benefitting from the four-day event…“We saw people at hotels, convenience stores, at shopping places…all those sorta places benefit when you put together an event like this.”

No major incidents were reported from the pub crawl and plans are already in the works for another pub crawl later this year and then the 2023 pre-spring event.