The COVID-19 pandemic continues in the Lake Area and around Missouri, and one local health official is concerned.

Lake Regional Hospital is running between 70 to 150 tests per day, and the positivity rate is around 17-percent.

      NEWS-7-30-2020 LAKE AREA COVID 2 - 31st July 2020

Dane Henry’s the CEO of Lake Regional Health System in Camden County.

He tells KRMS News despite the increase in the number of positive COVID-19 test results and hospitalizations, it is still safe to go to the doctor.

      NEWS-7-30-2020 LAKE AREA COVID 3 - 31st July 2020

Henry says that’s true of people coming to the emergency room, surgery, physician visits and urgent care.


The number of active COVID 19 cases across the Lake area is at 149.

So far 289 people have recovered from the virus, while 15 remain hospitalized.

There have been 5 deaths since March.

As of this morning, three out of the four lake area counties are up to date on reporting.

Camden county has not sent out an update since last Friday.