The water’s warming up on the lake, and all kinds of vessels are showing up on the water.

Some are faster than others, and that could mean injuries to some sensitive areas of the body.

“We see a lot of genitals injuries from jet ski accidents” says Shawn Andreason with Lake Regional Hospital, “Those jet skis go at such a high rate of speed and everyone hits the waves, and they go up in the air.”

Andreason tells KRMS News you can give yourself some protection from genital injuries on personal watercraft by wearing a wetsuit.

Andreason also says he’s seeing an increase in facial injuries among other issues lake wide “We also see a lot of vaginal lacerations and rectal blowouts as well. Those injuries are huge because they result in months of rehab and in the case of some female injuries, it can cause them to lose the chance of having a baby down the road.”

Andreason was interviewed on the KRMS Morning Magazine.