Lake Regional Health System has awarded 4 people its 2022 True Blue Awards winners.

Lake Regional spokeswoman Anita Harrison says the four represent the values at the heart of the Lake Regional System…“Every year we honor our True Blue honorees. This year we have 4 categories for that…we have our True Blue Employee, True Blue Physician, True Blue Nurse and our True Blue leader.”

She tells KRMS News that there are 3 specific criteria’s needed to win the award, which are “Connect to each other, encourage excellence and care more than expected.” and that “Each one of these honorees exemplifies all 3 of those values.”


This year’s winners of the 4 categories are as follows….

True Blue Employee: Jeff Hasker

True Blue Physician: Christine Livek, M.D.

True Blue Nurse: Shonna Rakes, R.N.

True Blue Leader: Cheri Sisson, R.N., BSN


The True Blue Awards are being announced as part of Lake Regional’s annual “Culture of One Week” which encourages employees to unite behind their shared goal of improving lives, and to engage in teambuilding activities focused on Lake Regional’s core values.


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OSAGE BEACH, Mo. — Lake Regional Health System is pleased to announce its 2022 True Blue Award winners. The recipients, Jeff Hasker from Camdenton; Christine Livek, M.D., from Kaiser; Cheri Sisson, R.N., BSN, from Jefferson City; and Shonna Rakes, R.N., from Camdenton, each model Lake Regional’s three core values: Commit to Each Other, Encourage Excellence and Care More than Expected.

“Our True Blue honorees represent the values at the heart of Lake Regional,” said Kevin McRoberts, FACHE, Lake Regional CEO. “Every day, Dr. Livek, Cheri, Shonna and Jeff show us how meaningful life and work can be when we dedicate ourselves to caring for others. We are proud to honor them as our 2022 True Blue honorees.”

Jeff Hasker, winner of the True Blue Employee Award, is a recruitment coordinator and joined Lake Regional in 2021. He works with leaders throughout the health system to identify and fill staffing needs. His teammates commended him for sharing new ideas, always being available and providing an exceptional experience to every person, every time.

“Jeff is very organized and always returns calls or emails in a timely manner,” one leader wrote. “He reviews each application for additional, harder-to-fill open positions and has been successful in recruiting teammates using this out-of-the-box strategy. Jeff always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face.”

Christine Livek, M.D., winner of the True Blue Physician of the Year Award, has been a physician at Lake Regional since 2013. She is a family medicine physician and cares for patients both at Lake Regional Clinic – Lake Ozark and as the medical director of Lake Regional Hospice. Her teammates commended her for her kindness, patient focus and always supporting her team.

“Dr. Livek always follows through, believes in our values and deeply cares for her patients,” one nurse wrote. A director wrote, “Dr. Livek dedicates her life to our patients and the community that we serve, and she is a respected leader within the team.”

Shonna Rakes, R.N., winner of the True Blue Nurse Award, cares for mothers, babies and their families in the Lake Regional Family Birth Center. She has worked at Lake Regional since 2007. Her teammates commended her for remaining calm under pressure, for building up everyone around her and for delivering exceptional care to patients.

“Even when we’re busy, she takes the time to teach new teammates and to make sure everyone is doing OK,” one Family Birth Center physician wrote. “She leads by example and is unfaltering in medical emergencies. She reassures the patient and the patient’s family that they can trust and lean on their medical team to get them through challenges.”

Cheri Sisson, R.N., BSN, winner of the True Blue Leader Award, is the manager of the Lake Regional Skilled Nursing Facility and the Lake Regional Float Pool. She has worked at Lake Regional since 1993. Her peers commended her for providing support to her teammates, championing innovation and always meeting challenges with a positive attitude.

“Cheri is selfless, generous and compassionate,” one Lake Regional leader wrote. “She has raised many a new nurse — I know many who credit her with their success.”

The True Blue Awards are part of Lake Regional’s annual Culture of One Week. Throughout this week, employees unite behind their shared goal of improving lives and engage in teambuilding activities focused on Lake Regional’s core values — Commit to Each Other, Encourage Excellence and Care More than Expected. To read more about Lake Regional’s culture and to see a video featuring the True Blue honorees, visit

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