While we might be enjoying chamber of commerce weather here at Lake of the Ozarks, those who have family and friends in Florida are keeping a close eye on the aftermath of Hurricane Ian…

Chris Harrell-Riggs, who lives in the Clearwater-St. Pete area, has seen his share of tropical events but says, unfortunately, Ian is presenting a worst case scenario…“Living here…it actually took the water out of the bay” and if the storm had gone further north, that water would be rushing into the bay instead.

Harrell-Riggs also says, other than battening down the hatches, what happens will happen and he’s just hoping for the best…“I’ve got my generator ready and I’ll take all the prayers I can get.”

The storm made landfall in Ft. Myers Beach, right where the annual Lake of the Ozarks party takes place each year.

Destruction from Storm Surge continues to cause significant flooding damage with homes and businesses being lifted off their foundations and floated away.

As of right now there is no word as to the condition of the Fish House or much of the area around the beach, as well as areas where the eyewall made landfall, including the areas of Pine Island and Sanibel Island.