Lake Residents Remain Worried Over Past-Due Rent Payments

COVID 19 Local News Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash

Lake area residents remain worried about possible evictions, as postponed rent payments due to COVID 19 start to come due.

With enhanced federal unemployment benefits ending next month and still high joblessness, the Center for Planning Excellence fears tens of thousands of families won’t have money for rent.

CEO Camille Manning Broom says “Having a roof over your head is a basic need in a basic necessity. We can’t allow individuals fall into homelessness at, especially at this magnitude.”

She also says Congress needs to pass the Emergency Rental Assistance Act.

Governor Mike Parson says Missouri did receive funds in the Cares act, which allows for grant payments to providers of items and services such as food, clothing, housing, or utilities on behalf of an individual or family in an emergency crisis.

COVID 19 Local News Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

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