The Lake Area is speaking out at the one-week mark of the ‘stay at home’ order in Missouri.

      NEWS-4-13-20 Residents Talk COVID-19 1 - 14th April 2020

Jim Becks in Osage Beach also tells KRMS Radio News people are getting ‘stir-crazy’ and he’s concern about how much power the government is taking on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

      NEWS-4-13-20 Residents Talk COVID-19 2 - 14th April 2020

Jim’s opinion on ‘social distancing’ during the ‘stay at home’ order is a positive one though

      NEWS-4-13-20 Residents Talk COVID-19 3 - 14th April 2020

He says the economy needs to open back up before the U-S enters another ‘Great Depression’ and that he thinks all people will eventually be exposed to COVID-19.