It’s been a busy year for several lake area businesses.

      NEWS-09-05-2020 BUSY WEEKEND 1 - 5th September 2020

Dan Zimmerly of WFO Watercraft tells KY 3 TV despite COVID 19, this has been one of his best years ever.

      NEWS-09-05-2020 BUSY WEEKEND 2 - 5th September 2020

Zimmerly and other business owners say they’re practically sold out for this Labor Day weekend, which usually doesn’t happen.

      NEWS-09-05-2020 BUSY WEEKEND 3 - 5th September 2020

Russel Burdette of Your Lake Vacation tells KY 3 TV despite COVID 19, this has been the busiest rental season he’s ever seen.

      NEWS-09-05-2020 BUSY WEEKEND 4 - 5th September 2020

Burdette says the main reason people are flocking to the Lake is the freedoms, including the ability to get out on a boat and social distance from others.

A number of rental companies tell KRMS news that they have already sold out for the Labor Day weekend.

It’s been estimated that over 9 Million people have visited the area so far, many of whom have bought a home and moved here full time.