One road in Camden County is broken apart due to a landslide.

It’s located at Ozark Isle Road, just west of Camdenton.

“They’re (Camden County Road and Bridge) not entirely sure why this is happening yet, and this remains an ongoing situation” says Sam Henley, Deputy Director of the Emergency Management Agency in Camden County, “The main thing we want to get out to the people is this area is extremely unstable and the land is still moving.”

She tells KRMS News they were notified by Road and Bridge of the road collapse Wednesday and there are barricades now in place “so we do not want anyone driving around the barricades that are in place. This is a dangerous situation and that road is still moving.”

Henley also says they can’t rule out other landslides in the area “there’s always a possibility that bad things can happen, and we just want everyone to be aware of that. Keep your eyes and ears open and let us know immediately if you see additional slides.”

We’ll pass along more details as necessary here on KRMS.