LASS Recognized For Weather Reporting

Local News Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

It’s usually not high on the list of priorities for anyone wanting to go outside during a storm and wait for a tornado to appear.

But it’s exactly what a specialized group of people do here in the lake area in an effort to give the public a more advanced warning of severe weather…such was the case back on October 24th.

“Our spotters were out in Decaturville, they were able to see the rotation begin when it was still a funnel cloud. They passed the information along to me, I sent it to the National Weather Service and I’d say within a minute they had the tornado warning out” says Camden County Emergency Management Director Samantha Henley

She tells KRMS News what ended up being an EF-1 twister with 90mph peak winds, was on the ground for more than two miles ripping the roof off one house and damaging a nearby barn.

The early warning, thanks to the Lake Area Storm Spotters, may have been a key in no injuries being reported.

It was also the reason the LASS team, recently, was recognized by the EMA for their service to the community.

Local News Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

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