Osage Beach residents will have a chance to clean up their yards of leaves this season without having to bag and haul them away.

The city Public Works department offers a leaf pick-up service for anyone living on city roads.

The city asks participating citizens to rake their leaves to the side of the road or edge of their property in accordance with the leaf pick-up schedule, which is separated into east and west sides of the city.

Special, environmentally friendly leaf bags are available at city hall or public works, which allow residents on non-city streets to participate by leaving their full bags on the side of a city street on pick-up day.

Osage Beach says pick-up usually begins around the Thanksgiving holiday, but is also largely dependent on weather conditions.

For more information and to see the pick-up schedule, visit http://osagebeach-mo.gov


***More info:

The City has leaf pick-up service for residents who live on City streets. Leaf pick-up normally begins around the Thanksgiving holiday.  Transportation Department has a schedule, however, the weather plays a large role in and when Public Works will get to certain streets within the City.

Resident Responsibilities

  • Property owners are to rake leaves to the ditch, road side, or edge of their property.
  • Leaves may also be bagged in special ENVIRONMENTAL LEAF BAGS which may be picked up at Public Works or City Hall.
  • Leaves will only be picked up from City public roads; however, if bags are dropped off by these roads, they will be picked up.

When will my leaves be picked up ?

The schedule is based on road groupings which can be found HERE and is split up between East Side and West Side groupings.  Find your group and check out the schedule to see when your leaves will be picked up.

If you have any questions, contact the Public Works Department at 573.302.2020.