It’s been over a year since fire destroyed the MFA in Lebanon.

      NEWS-11-02-2020 MFA FIRE 1 - 2nd November 2020

The facilities had been there for nearly a century, but the fire destroyed the entire building and even damaged the foundation.

Now the building is back where it once was, and it’s bigger and better than before, focusing on more than just the local farmer.

      NEWS-11-02-2020 MFA FIRE 2 - 2nd November 2020

Speaking at the Grand Re-opening this past weekend, MFA Manager Max Stephans tells our news partner KY 3 TV, it took them a lot longer to re-stock the store because products were on backorder due to COVID 19.

Residents say they hated the fire, but it turned out to be a bigger blessing than many realized at the time.