The city of Lebanon’s Parks Department is making plans to conduct a feasibility study to determine if they can move part of the old Route 66 bridge over the Gasconade River into one of the city’s parks.
The plans comes after MODOT officials listed the bridge for free, before it goes to demolition.

Mike Boggs, Vice President of the Laclede County Rt. 66 Society, tells KRMS that the transaction might not be as easy as they’d hoped.

“…Ongoing talks have not satisfied MoDots requirements to be able to do that as of yet,” said Boggs, “MoDot is moving ahead with plans to demolish the bridge and have entered into mitigation talks with the Lebanon-Laclede County Rt. 66 Society.”

Boggs says those talks included the idea of moving a small section of the bridge into a park, and that’s where the Parks Board’s feasibility study would come into play.

The goal would be to move the bridge section to where it could be decorated with lights, allowing residents a unique photo opportunity.