The Water Safety Council is underway with something to help families who visit The Lake save time… and stay safe.

The Water Safety Council’s  Glenn Trinkler says life jacket loaner stations are being installed, first at Frankie and Louie’s and soon at Captain Ron’s as well…“So we should have those 2 lifejacket stations installed in the next couple weeks to a month. From there we will get it promoted and get some other sponsors going.”

Trinkler says locals can avail themselves of the stations if needed but they’re mainly designed to help visiting families…“Rather than having to say “oh we can’t go swimming today because we don’t have a lifejacket” or you having to take out 2 hours in the day to go to the store to buy one, we’ll have these stations available. And there will be instructions at each of the stations to help parents help it fit correctly. There will be signs asking people to return them, but…of course…if you really need to keep it we will allow people to keep them too.”

Trinkler spoke on Bob’s No Wake Zone on KRMS.